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Do you need to pass the pharmacy exam? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of materials to review? Passing the pharmacy licensing exam may seem like a daunting task.

But if you are an overseas pharmacist, remember you are already a pharmacist. You do not need to learn pharmacy, you just need to review what you already know.

IPG College has made your life easier by presenting all that information and data organized into tables, graphs, MCQs and pharmacy practice cases. See the pharmacy practice topics in the current edition of the “Pharmacy Practice Tables”.

“Pharmacy Practice Tables” (PPT) consists of only tables and graphs to make the review of pharmacy topics easier, faster and simpler to remember. The membership is affordable for all. The website is compatible with all electronic devices.

IPG College has created Pharmacy Practice review materials to help pharmacists and pharmacy students pass pharmacy exams. The tables and graphs of the “Pharmacy Practice Tables” are excellent training supplements that make your study faster and easier. Each table and graph is a small piece of the vast pharmacy practice pie designed to make your studying less complicated and more efficient. You will be amazed to see how these tables and graphs facilitate and improve the quality of your pre-exam pharmacy study. The “Pharmacy Practice Tables(PPT) publication contains 310 tables and graphs. The “Pharmacy Practice Tables” (PPT) is constantly updated and new tables and graphs are added to the list of contents. Register now and add the “Pharmacy practice Tables” to your review schedule.

Pharmacy Practice Tables 2020

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  • Printed and electronic publications (books, handbooks, workbooks, poster &educational videos
  • Training pharmacists (registered, non-registered)
  • Training pharmacy workers
  • Educational seminars, workshops, training sessions
  • Preparation of educational lesson plans and tests
  • Pharmacy business management, business plan, marketing plan, business research, business analysis and project management
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