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Pharmacy Practice Tables (PPT) Study Notes are designed as educational study materials for passing pharmacy licensing exams. Pharmacy Practice Tables (PPT) Study Notes are easy, fast, affordable and ideal extra resources for pharmacy students and pharmacists who are preparing for pharmacy exams. After registration, you will have access to the Study Notes for one year and you will receive the related updates. Pharmacy Practice Tables (PPT) Study Notes are focused on drug therapy and the effects of drugs in the treatment of diseases and disorders.

Pharmacy Practice Exam Preparation Study Notes

As we mentioned before, you are already a pharmacist. You do not need to learn pharmacy, you just need to review what you already know. Pharmacy Practice Tables (PPT) Study Notes are the best review materials for pharmacy exams.

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PPT Study Notes titles:

1- Cardiovascular Diseases (Part 1)

2- Endocrine Diseases

3- Respiratory Diseases

4- Psychiatric & Central Nervous System Disorders

5- Genitourinary Diseases

6- Gastrointestinal Diseases

7- Bone & Joint Diseases

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