What is PPT?

Banting Medical Inc. has created pharmacy practice review materials under the “International Pharmacy Group College” (IPG College®) trademark name. The “Pharmacy Practice Tables” has been written for pharmacists, pharmacy students and all healthcare specialists who are looking for easier and faster ways to study pharmacy practice topics. The Pharmacy Practice Tables contain different tables and graphs. This method helps to memorize easier and faster. The online copy of the “Pharmacy Practice Tables” is updated and published every three months.

This edition contains seven chapters and more than 360 tables and graphs. The content will be updated routinely to provide new tables, graphs and topics. Generic names, Brand names, Dosage forms, Indications, Contraindications, Cautions, Side effects, Drug Interactions, Monitoring and Lab test interactions of each drug are covered in this publication.

The purpose of this publication is to “review”, and not “teaching” pharmacy. The content of this publication is an educational pharmacy practice resource and is not recommended as a clinical guideline.